Editors Note: We want to thank the team at TNG/Earthling for their incredible work ensuring the high ranks of this website and especially to Rev Sale for his technical expertise in getting the archive code in place so quickly.

There are powerful players at work behind the scenes, making sure that online searchers quickly find the information sought. As a consequence these services have a huge impact in the performance of online businesses. TNG/Earthling is a technically robust internet consultancy providing strategies that grow targeted traffic through optimized search performance. Their search enabled content management system (CMS), Protocol, is currently supporting thousands of websites, most designed by TNG. Their core business services include optimizing the search results for important keywords, analyzing sites for search compliance, and penalty remediation. Although the company is private and does not reveal client information, their reputation is a business whose strategy is to deploy enough resources to dominate the search.

This company exists upstream of seo agencies - some of TNG's clients are seo agencies. But the primary difference between them is in the level of technical expertise available to clients. In addition to improving ranks and traffic, TNG has created specialized internet functionality coded to existing platforms, and created customized tools and software to enable improvements to management capabilities. They excel at troubleshooting complex online systems suffering search rank failures, and providing strategies for rank restoration and recovery.


Ruth Bandy (SWatch): Ensconced in a designated landmark building on Manhattan's Upper West Side, CEO Bob Sakayama guides TNG/Earthling's numerous ongoing projects while enjoying the comfort of his newly renovated space. He remains intentionally out of view, having ceased posting to his blogs in 2014 to concentrate on his "projects" and avoids social media unrelated to family. Privacy and confidentiality have always been sought by those who have mastered the meta arts and use those skills to advantage clients. His background has taken some eclectic turns including Brown University, math/physics teacher at Collegiate School, A&R and producer for Paramount Records/Gulf & Western, trader of derivatives, composer/producer for tv/film, software developer, partnerships in online businesses, seo.

He is currently working on a project triggered by a recent discovery made while evaluating links to a client site. To his shock, he was able to very easily knock results out of Google's search. This would not be something you would normally use to advantage a client, and there are ethical drawbacks to using this capability commercially to harm competitors. But it turns out to be a very useful skill to address harmful search results that invade privacy or damage reputations. Because Google is unresponsive, if the search results for your name reveals personal information, you can not remove it. A news item about that shoplifting charge you received as a teenager could prevent you from being hired when you're 30. There is an industry of reputation management services that addresses harmful results by optimizing other pages to outrank the problem, forcing it off page 1. That technique can work but it's costly to optimize 10+ other sites just to knock one problem page onto page 2. But Bob discovered a technique whereby he uses Google's own algorithm's enforcement mechanisms to actually penalize the bad result, sending it not just to page 2, but way back in the results or out of the search completely. He's currently working on a number of live experiments to further test of this discovery, but plans are already underway to offer a service that will directly compete with the reputation management industry's biggest players, using a technologically superior tactic that is also cheaper in the long run.

This is truly a non-traditional business. TNG/Earthling does not have a website, even though their work is exclusively on and for websites. Bob Sakayama no longer posts his blog, although there are remnants of sites he ran in the early days and still live. They do no marketing or sales outreach.

Bob's expertise comes from client work and search experiments run to test ideas. Expertise also comes from a truly non-traditional place - Google penalties. He was a source for this Forbes article on the topic. A market leader in penalty remediation, he developed the tools and techniques used to unwind Google penalties and recover ranks lost for other reasons. The lessons learned from search penalties can be applied directly to search optimization. You can see how valuable it might be when attempting to push Google ranks to know where the red lines are, to know how hard you can push, and if you do get penalized, that you can recover and move forward. Bob has had a lot of success with non-traditional seo.

Another example of non-traditional use of technology is the very competitive marketplace of drop catching domain acquisition, where valuable expired domains are purchased by the first order received by a registrar following the drop (moment they become available). Bob developed a technique that first identifies authoritative domains worth catching, and then catches significant numbers of them by consistently placing the first order. The technique uses a huge array of servers each simultaneously running scripts placing orders. This greatly improves the odds of a successful order getting through at the moment of the drop. The goal is to have a robust enough technical strategy to consistently come out ahead in a battle of the bots.

And one more example of its non-traditional core: the company has been getting some attention lately as a result of the press surrounding their "Nothing" project, which has the backing of the TNG board and is being closely followed by the seo paparazzi because of some provocative claims. Those claims were made on a private conversation by Rev Sale, TNG/Earthling's magician in residence, who claimed it was just a matter of time before they were #1 for the search for "Nothing". When asked about this Bob said, "You guys already know too much. This is really just a Nothing project, really! It's only another one of our experiments. We're having fun in the sandbox."

TNG/Earthling, Inc. is succeeding by encouraging Bob to play.